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You are an Exceptional Foreign-Born Engineer, Scientist, or Technical Professional.
If You Answer YES to These 3 Questions, Get Ready to Accelerate Your Career:

Do you want to stand out as a leader?


Are you willing to adjust your actions to match the informal rules of the American workplace?


Do you seek a healthy balance between acting more American and being true to yourself?

We help foreign-born technical professionals understand the American workplace, develop the skill set to advance their careers, and maintain cultural integrity.
You’re Management Material.  How Do You Tell the Business World?

You want a promotion as manager or executive at Google or Apple. You aim to be a CTO. Or you expect to be president of your own company.   


But you are encountering road blocks in your career path.  Your American born colleagues often get the choice assignments and promotions ahead of you.


You are puzzled by the way your American co-workers get things done.  They seem to be following rules you don’t fully understand.


Your Experience Echoes What Other Foreign-Born Professionals Say: 


  • Asians are easily awed and swayed by authority.

  • People are so argumentative here.  We need debating skills.

  • It doesn’t feel right to push back.

Five Strategies for Accelerating Your High Tech Career
Octave V. Baker, Ph.D.
Susan Almazol, M.A.,
You Need Cross-Cultural Agility: A New Paradigm to Take Charge of Your High Tech Career Success


Cross-Cultural Agility takes you beyond simply learning about cultural differences. Yes, you discover the unwritten rules that govern the high tech workplace in America. And this robust paradigm helps you to actually adjust your behavior so it matches what’s expected in challenging work situations.  At the same time, you yourself calibrate the degree of adjustment so you stay within your comfort zone.


With Cross-Cultural Agility, you bridge cross cultural differences without losing yourself in the process. You learn to blend your own cultural style with the American style, so you act in a manner that feels authentic to you. 


You maintain your cultural integrity as you strategically manage challenging situations such as asserting yourself, defending your ideas, taking full credit for your achievements, and stopping others from interrupting you at meetings.


We help you practice new behavior so it feels natural, fluid, and integrated with your normal style.


Based on the rich intersection of cross-cultural training, high tech dynamics, organizational psychology, career development, and communications, Cross-Cultural Agility is a robust paradigm that advances your career in the constantly changing, extremely interactive, noisy high tech environment. 



We Are Dedicated to Your Professional Success and Personal Well-Being


We know first-hand how to succeed in a different culture, and we understand the importance of ensuring that actions and values are in harmony.


Octave V. Baker, Ph.D., a psychologist, successfully straddled cultures as a

Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa. He conducted the first project in Silicon Valley that studied the career path of foreign-born engineers at Intel, and he teaches Career Strategies for Foreign-born at Santa Clara University.


Susan Almazol, M.A., a communications expert born in the Philippines, teaches writing and public speaking to American companies.  Susan was the first Filipina reporter at the San Francisco Examiner. She uses her journalistic expertise to teach fast and effective technical and business writing strategies and best practices in presenting yourself and your ideas.


Since 1981 in the heart of Silicon Valley, we have consulted with major high tech corporations, and we have taught their engineers in the Engineering Management and Leadership Program at Santa Clara University.


In the last three decades, we have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of foreign-born engineers, scientists, and other technical professionals to be more effective in the high tech workplace. 

SONY, Intel, IBM, Genetech, Cisco, Sun, Hitachi


"Dr. Baker is extremely knowledgeable.  He shared valuable tips that helped me advance my career."


Ramya Daulat

Information Security Analyst

Dolby Laboratories


"The interactive format and all the topics we covered in Strategies for Success significantly helped me in my daily work."



M. Reddy

Engineering Director, IT Industry



"Susan’s efforts helped me tremendously in effectively communicating with our global team around the world."


Patrick Y. Yang, Ph.D.

Retired Executive Vice President

Genentech, Inc.


Five Strategies for Accelerating Your High Tech Career
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