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Strategies for Career Success for Foreign-Born Professionals:
Workshops and Presentations


Moving Up


We work with foreign-born engineers, scientists, and technical professionals who seek career growth:


       You want to move up to a position of authority. 
But you face challenges to getting promoted
to manager or executive.


Based on 30 years of practice and teaching in Silicon Valley, we specialize in the unique challenges faced by foreign-born professionals in the highly interactive and intensely assertive organizational cultures found in many high tech companies. 


We have worked with numerous high tech companies, ranging from start-ups to giants.


  • Octave V. Baker, Ph.D., is an expert in high tech career strategies, organizational  psychology, cross-cultural training, and proactive interpersonal skills.



Adapting New Behavior to Succeed


During our workshops and presentations, you practice new behavior so it feels natural, fluid, and integrated with your normal style.


Through Cross-Cultural Agility, we help you learn the unwritten rules of the American workplace, adapt your behavior to be more effective, and still maintain your cultural integrity in the process.


Learning in Flexible Modes


We offer flexible formats to accommodate tight schedules and to provide time for practice and reflection.


These flexible formats include:


  • Series of Lunch and Learn Sessions

  • Onsite Workshops at Your Company's University

  • Custom Presentations to Your Team or Professional Association

  • Seminars at Universities and Career Centers

  • Webinars



We help foreign-born technical professionals learn the unwritten rules of the American workplace and get promoted to managers and executives.
Workshop on Career Strategies for Success


We go beyond culture-specific information.  We help you make specific changes in your behavior critical for career success through:


  • Key insights about how the American workplace operates

  • Critical interactive and assertive skills

  • Guided practice to navigate cultural differences and remain true to yourself




  • Understand American workplace behavior and expectations

  • Assess yourself on characteristics that predict success

  • Improve networking and relationship-building skills

  • Use Cross-Cultural Agility to adjust your actions enough to meet expectations without psychological stress

  • Develop a blueprint for your career success




  • Increased self-confidence

  • Ability to create a network of informal relationships

  • Authoritative communication style

  • Ability to engage in small talk

  • Ease with promoting your achievements

  • Maintaining your cultural integrity

Presentations on Career Strategies for Success


Customized and highly interactive, our presentations focus on:


  • Five Strategies for High Tech Career Success

  • Key Assertive Skills

  • Maintaining Your Cultural Identify

  • Power and Influence in the Assertive, Interactive High Tech Culture

  • Mastering the American Style of Small Talk

  • How to Promote Yourself

  • Managing Your Boss

  • How to Ask for Special Assignments and Promotions

  • Speaking Up

  • Communicating with Authority

Technical Professionals Say:


"Dr. Baker's course opened my eyes.  I feel I gained a new perspective from the discussions and exercises."


         TanQing Meng

         Software Development

         Engineer Intern




"Dr. Baker is extremely knowledgeable.  He shared valuable tips that helped me advance my career."


        Ramya Daulat

        Information Security Analyst

        Dolby Laboratories



"Based on my working experience with Susan for seven years, I say her business knowledge, cross-cultural understanding, writing skills, and communication arts are among the best in the industry."


           Patrick Yang, Ph.D.

           Retired Executive 

Vice President

           Genentech, Inc.

Five Strategies for Accelerating Your High Tech Career
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